3 Lucky Fans Go Rent Free, Thanks To Gyakie


In a heartwarming gesture, Ghanaian singer Gyakie has paid the rent of three individuals to commemorate the release of her latest soul-stirring single “Rent Free“. 

The act of kindness followed an initial tweet made by the singer, where she mentioned paying the rent of 3 people.

On the first of November, Gyakie tweeted, “It’s a new month, let’s make it a rent free one. 

I want to pay for November rent for 3 people. comment with the exact line at 0:44 of my new song RENT FREE & I’ll pick randomly.” With fans flooding her comment section with the line “rent free, baby”, Gyakie chose 3 fans to extend the gesture to. 

After the tweet, Gyakie selected three of her fans to receive this “rent-free” gesture. The beneficiaries of this gesture are @IamVerlardean, a model and fashion designer, @mckin_love, a social media influencer, and Florence Deku, a Customer Success Manager.

There has been economic instability recently that has affected some citizens’ ability to pay rent. In response, Gyakie is taking a step to ease the burden on her core fans by relieving them of the stress of thinking about paying their rent. 

“Rent Free” is a testament to Gyakie’s unwavering commitment to creating music that deeply resonates with her audience. With each release, she continues to push boundaries and establish herself as an artist who leaves a lasting impact.

The Afrolektra-produced upbeat jam reflects the feeling of being consumed by thoughts of a significant other while Gyakie’s soft vocals add a touch of tenderness, perfectly capturing the emotions she is experiencing.

Watch the music video for “Rent Free” below

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