7hoenix Ogya Shares New AfroPop Jama Inspired Single “Tatale”


Ghanaian artist and producer 7hoenix Ogya has released a new Hiplife song titled “Tatale.” This love song showcases his unique blend of the local languages Ga, Twi, and English, creating a captivating and diverse musical experience.

7hoenix Ogya, currently based in Scotland, UK, has overcome personal challenges, including a coma at the age of 7. He believes that music is the best way for him to express himself and communicate with others. His music pays tribute to his Ghanaian heritage while pushing towards new sounds and future genres, ranging from R&B to Afro and dancehall.

In “Tatale,” 7hoenix Ogya combines his musical influences and linguistic abilities to create a song that resonates with listeners. The fusion of Ga, Twi, and English adds depth and richness to the lyrics, enhancing the emotional impact of the love song.

7hoenix Ogya’s music is not only a form of self-expression but also a medium of communication. Through his compositions, he connects with his audience, sharing his experiences, emotions, and cultural heritage. His dedication to his craft and his unique blend of genres make him a standout artist in the Ghanaian music scene.

Osafo Daniel
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