A I AYE Captures The Essence Of Emotional Whirlwind In New Single “Kilode”


Rising PH-based Afrobeats act A I AYE has shared an enchanting new single “Kilode. Drawing from the rich musical tapestry of Afrobeat, and produced by the legendary El Jack (credits: Omah Lay, Davido, and Ninety), “Kilode” is a compelling narrative set to resonate deeply with its audience. The single is released via El-Champagne Records.

“Kilode,” meaning “Why” in Yoruba, delves into the complex emotions of enduring a toxic relationship. The song is born from the real-life experiences of a close friend of A I Aye, who recounted his struggles of repeatedly being cheated on yet finding it difficult to walk away. Moved by this tale of heartache, betrayal, and the paradoxical bind of love and pain, A I Aye captures the essence of this emotional whirlwind in “Kilode.”

A I Aye Kilode Artwork
A I Aye Kilode Artwork

Through his evocative lyrics and the infectious rhythms characteristic of Afrobeats, A I Aye not only tells a story but also provides a voice to those who have felt the sting of infidelity yet find themselves shackled by love’s unyielding grasp. His innovative mix of Afrofusion elements with traditional beats sets “Kilode” apart, marking another significant milestone in A I Aye’s burgeoning career. This follows on the heels of his acclaimed singles, “Inside Me” and “Just For Fun,” further cementing his reputation as a vital force in the Port Harcourt music scene and beyond.

“Kilode” is not just a song; it’s a journey through the highs and lows of love, an exploration of the human condition in the face of betrayal, and ultimately a testament to the resilience of the heart. With its release, A I Aye invites listeners to immerse themselves in the depth of his storytelling rendered all the more poignant by the personal nature of its inspiration.

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