Aáyanna Shares New RnB Single “Gaslight” from Debut EP “Don’t Look Back”


Chicago-born artist Aáyanna is out with her sultry R&B-infused debut EP, “Don’t Look Back.” “Gaslight,” the first track from the EP, sets the tone with its infectious sensuality and enchanting vocals.

October 27, 2023 – Aáyanna, the Chicago-born and raised artist, is making waves with her debut EP, “Don’t Look Back,” which introduces a fresh take on R&B. The EP, which includes the captivating single “Gaslight,” presents a cohesive blend of sultry R&B sounds that emphasize Aáyanna’s enchanting vocals and soul-stirring aura.

On “Don’t Look Back,” Aáyanna delves into the world of sirens and duality, creating a captivating vibe that resonates throughout the entire project. The EP showcases Aáyanna’s ability to be two things at once, embracing the idea that two opposing things can be true simultaneously. Her songs capture the essence of raw and authentic emotions, exploring complex feelings, relationships, and experiences.

Aayanna Gaslight - Don’t Look Back
Don’t Look Back Cover

Aáyanna shares her thoughts on the release, saying, “Releasing ‘Don’t Look Back’ is a pivotal moment for me, especially since it’s the first body of work in my catalog. I was really inspired by sirens and duality while recording this project. I can express my hatred for someone and still be sad that I lost them; or sing about how I never want to hear from them again and ask them to come see me anyway, all in the same story. And because it’s all true, I think it’s beautiful. I’ve allowed myself to say what I need to and move on from it. Recording the songs on this EP taught me to trust my instincts and don’t look back.”

The EP features previously released singles “Can You Take It,” “Won’t Cry,” “Kill For Me,” and “Risky.” Additionally, it includes three new tracks that solidify Aáyanna’s position as a rising R&B-inspired artist. She is motivated to bring a fresh R&B flavor to the music scene, a goal she undoubtedly achieves on this new EP.

“Gaslight,” the opening track of “Don’t Look Back,” is poised to become a notable R&B anthem. Its ambient sensuality sets the stage for a musical journey that highlights Aáyanna’s undeniable talent and sets the tone for the entire project.

Aáyanna, born and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago, discovered her passion for writing and communication at an early age. She began writing songs as a young child, recorded her first song at the age of 9, and released her first single in 2017. She continued to hone her craft by performing at various venues and even collaborating with prominent producers. Her unique blend of R&B and experimental elements sets her apart in the music industry. In 2021, Aáyanna signed her first record deal with Avant Garden, marking a significant step in her musical journey.

“Gaslight” and the entire “Don’t Look Back” EP are available on major music platforms, offering listeners a chance to experience Aáyanna’s soulful and captivating sound. Connect With Aáyanna on Instagram and Listen to her on Spotify.

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