‘Abena korkor is a special human being’ – Clemento Suarez

Abena korkor

Stand-up comedian Clemento Suarez has shown her love and support for Abena Korkor in his latest Instagram post.

According to Clemento Suarez Abena Korkor is a special human being and as a matter of fact, she’s one of a type in Ghana. He continued by commending Abena Korkor for taking her mental health seriously. He added that Abena Korkor is a strong girl and should be celebrated for her bravery.

In his own words,

“This is @missabenakorkor, one special human being we have in Ghana. Such a beautiful soul and wonderful presence. She takes her mental health seriously and you should do so as well.

She is strong, intelligent, talented, and very warm. A lot has gone on these past few years but our love and support will keep her going as she grows stronger and better. Personally, I think she should be celebrated for her bravery. Through it all, she stands tall and this is remarkably worthy of emulation.

She stands for that young girl who has no voice, that one who has a voice but not too bold to speak up, that one who spoke up and was later stigmatized, the one that stigmatization made her crawl into her shell, the one who is going through all and needs an example to look up to.

She is a radio and tv presenter, actress and with her 200k followers, does advertisement for your products. Abenaaa !! Papaa wo nim s3 mab) wo ho ka. Make me and who love you proud”


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