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Abi Jenaé Unleashes New Single “Para”

Abi Jenaé Para Artwork
Abi Jenaé Para Artwork

British-Nigerian artist Abi Jenaé is set to release her new single “Para”. The song is a celebration of her heritage and individuality, with a blend of Afrobeats and contemporary influences. “Para” is more than just music; it’s a message of empowerment, self-belief, and embracing your true self. Abi Jenaé infuses her music with nods to her inspirations, from Lady Gaga to Jay Z, and dreams of collaborating with industry greats like Don Jazzy. “Para” is a confident statement that leaves listeners with the feeling: this is just the beginning for Abi Jenaé.

Abi Jenaé’s powerful vocals weave through the infectious beat of “Para”, effortlessly blending English, Yoruba, and West African Pidgin English. The song is a testament to her unique style and her determination to make a mark in the music industry. By blending traditional African sounds with contemporary influences, Abi Jenaé creates a soundscape that is both familiar and refreshingly new.

“Para” is imbued with a tone of conviction that reflects Abi Jenaé’s unwavering self-belief. She proudly declares that her “mama didn’t raise no fool,” emphasising the strength and wisdom instilled in her from a young age. This message of empowerment is a central theme in her music, encouraging listeners to recognize their own abilities and self-worth.


Hailing from Brixton in South London is Abi Jenaé, a multi-talented artist who resides in both London and Lekki, Lagos. Growing up listening to a wide variety of genres from Rap, Hip-Hop, Grime, R&B, and Afrobeat, before the transition into Afrobeats, Abi took a particular liking to artists including Aaliyah, Tiwa Savage, Mr Eazi, Burna Boy, Nicki Minaj, Slick Rick, Jay-Z, and many more. Starting out on Grime beats back in her school days, Abi instantly fell in love with music and started to write her own material. The rest is history! Showcasing her fun-filled, melodic, and energetic flare throughout her catalogue, her determination to succeed in addition to her passion for music hasn’t gone unnoticed. Building a cult-like following who are eagerly awaiting her next move, the budding songstress is ready to showcase to the world her undisputed talent.

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