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Abie One Collaborates with Vanzo on New Dancehall Track “Roll It”

Abie One X Vanzo - Roll It
Abie One x Vanzo - Roll It

Jamaican singer Abie One has teamed up with Vanzo for their latest dancehall fusion track titled “Roll It.” This vibrant and energetic song is tailor-made for animated male-to-female dance contexts, creating a sonic canvas perfect for eclectic dancefloors.

“Roll It” features artfully layered string stabs, an invigorating uptempo dembow rhythm, and authentic African percussive elements. The fusion of these elements creates a unique and captivating sound that sets the stage for dynamic dance performances.

Abie One’s infectious vocals and Vanzo’s contributions add depth and energy to the track, making it a standout in the dancehall genre. The song’s uptempo rhythm and lively beats are sure to get listeners moving and grooving.

“Roll It” showcases the versatility and creativity of Abie One as a Jamaican singer, while Vanzo’s collaboration adds an extra layer of excitement to the track. Together, they have created a dancehall anthem that will resonate with fans of the genre and beyond.

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