Addytan Releases His First Single For 2024 Titled ‘Forever’


Rising Ghanaian artist Addytan has made an impactful entry into the music scene with the release of his highly anticipated single “Forever.” The diverse musician, often hailed as an exceptional talent, delves into the intricacies of love in a refreshing and unique way in this new track.

In “Forever,” Addytan passionately expresses his belief that everyone deserves pure and real love, drawing inspiration from the affection he experiences around him. The single takes a poignant turn as he shares his personal high school love story, inviting listeners to embark on an emotive journey through his heartfelt lyrics.

Addytan Forever
Forever cover art

The magnificent masterpiece “Forever” was created and mastered by the talented Teeblayz, adding a layer of artistry that complements Addytan’s soul-stirring vocals and introspective songwriting.

Addytan, known in real life as Addy Nii Tettey Antiaye, is a brilliant and diverse Ghanaian performer who has captivated audiences with his impressive musical prowess. Born on September 5 in Accra, Ghana, Addytan received his early education from Rev. John Teye, Silicon Valley International, and Faith Evangelical Mission, laying the foundation for his artistic journey.

After completing his West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), he pursued his higher education at Accra Technical University, where he studied marketing, shaping his perspective on the intersection of creativity and commerce.

Despite initially aspiring to be a professional soccer player, Addytan discovered his deep-seated passion for music at the age of nine, setting him on a path to becoming a revered musician in the Ghanaian music industry.

In a testament to his unwavering commitment to using music as a force for positive change, Addytan believes that his lyrics can serve as a channel for communicating with the impoverished and underprivileged, offering them hope for a brighter future. His dedication to giving a voice to the marginalized is reflected in his music, as he seeks to uplift and inspire those in need.

“Forever” marks a significant milestone in Addytan’s burgeoning career, spotlighting his ability to craft emotionally resonant music that transcends boundaries and speaks to the human experience.

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