Afrobeat Sensation Khojé Unveils Steamy New Love Ballad  “Testimony” 


Rising Nigerian star in the Afrobeat music scene Khojé, is thrilled to  announce the release of her latest single, “Testimony.” This enchanting love ballad showcases Khojé’s exceptional talent in  blending the rich sounds of Afrobeat with poignant, heartfelt lyrics. 

“Testimony” is a passionate declaration of love, taking listeners on a journey through the depths of emotion and the beauty of romantic connection. The song’s soulful melody and tender vocals create an intimate atmosphere, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the powerful narrative of love’s enduring strength. 

Khojé Testimony Artwork
Khojé Testimony Artwork

Produced by Tuzi, a distinguished figure in the music industry known for their ability to craft evocative and emotionally resonant soundscapes, “Testimony” boasts a production quality that  elevates the song to a level of sonic excellence. 

With its universal themes of love, longing, and devotion,  “Testimony” transcends cultural boundaries, making it a track that will resonate with audiences around the world. Khojé expertly infuses her African heritage into the music, resulting in a sound that is both authentic and globally appealing. 

Fans of Afrobeat, as well as those who appreciate heartfelt and soul-stirring love songs, will find “Testimony” to be a compelling addition to their playlists. 

“Testimony” is now available for streaming on all major platforms,  including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. To listen to the 

track and follow Khojé on their musical journey, visit @itskhoje on all social media platforms.  

About Khojé 

Khojé is a dynamic and talented Afrobeat artist hailing from  Lagos, Nigeria. With a unique blend of traditional Afrobeat elements and contemporary influences, Khojé is making waves in the music industry. Her music is known for its infectious rhythms,  powerful lyrics, and captivating performances, establishing her as a rising star.