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Afrobitch Sets the Summer Vibe with Debut Single “Bololo”

Afrobitch - Bololo
Afrobitch - Bololo Artwork

Afrobitch, a new musical project for Afrobeat lovers, has just released their debut single titled “Bololo.” This vibrant track brings the essence of summer and love with its real Nigerian vocals and warm melodies, captivating listeners from the very first note.

Produced by the renowned duo A-Connection, known for their motivational hip-hop songs that have garnered millions of streams, “Bololo” showcases the talent and creativity of Afrobitch. With its infectious beats and catchy instrumentals, the song is poised to become a radio hit and potentially a chart-topper in 2024. Drawing inspiration from international hits like those by Rema, Afrobitch brings a fresh and exciting sound to the Afrobeat scene.

“Bololo” exudes a caliente and hot energy that perfectly captures the essence of summer, even in the month of March. The track’s Nigerian vocals and warm instrumentals create a captivating fusion that transports listeners to a world of love and celebration.

As the first single from Afrobitch, “Bololo” sets the stage for what promises to be an exciting musical journey. With their unique style and infectious sound, Afrobitch is set to make waves in the Afrobeat genre and capture the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

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