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Afronita’s Mother Reveals How Academic Excellence and Balance Drive Her Dancing Career

Afronitaaa @Spotlightimaging
Afronitaaa @spotlightimaging

The mother of Ghana’s fast-rising dancer, Afronita, has mentioned why she supports her daughter’s dancing career.

In her words, her daughter is good in academics and can blend her studies with the dance she now engages herself in, which is why she has decided to support her as she has embarked on her dancing career.

Speaking on Onua Tv’s Onua Showtime with Mcbrown, she shared such information. She went ahead to say that her daughter knows when to study and when to dance and that is what she likes about her, but if it was the vice-versa, she wouldn’t have allowed her to dance.

“The reason why I support her is that she is academically good; she takes her studies seriously. When she goes to school, it is about school but when she’s home, then she begins to rehearse and work on her dance from morning to evening. So, I told her that, if she does not do well in school, she won’t dance”.

Afronitaaa @Spotlightimaging (2)
Afronitaaa @Spotlightimaging

“So, when I get her results from school, she always topped her class. Even with the BECE, she did very well and was admitted to Wesley Girls. Also, she passed her WASSCE examination and was also admitted to the University of Ghana, Legon”.

“I support her because she is good in academics but if it was the otherwise, then should stop dancing and that is the arrangement we both have agreed to”, she told Nana Ama McBrown.

During the show, Afronita’s mother also showed some appreciation to Dancegod Lloyd for playing a role in her daughter’s dancing career, which included support and training.

“I would want to use this platform to thank him because he helped my daughter in the academy and Afrobeats as well. I appreciate these two for helping my daughter”, she said.

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