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Agatchu Releases Captivating New Single “New Maserati”

Agatchu New Maserati
Agatchu New Maserati

Rising Franco-Angolan artist Agatchu has unveiled his latest single titled “New Maserati.” This release marks Agatchu’s first solo project after gaining recognition as a beatmaker for renowned artists such as Tayc, Joé Dwet Filé, and Lisandro Cuxi.

With a rich and high-quality sound, Agatchu showcases his versatility and draws on multiple musical influences to create a unique Afrobeat vibe in “New Maserati.”

New Maserati
New maserati

“New Maserati” is an ode to perseverance, delivered on a striking Afro instrumental that is rich in emotions and features Amapiano sounds. Agatchu’s ability to blend genres and create a captivating musical experience sets him apart in the contemporary music landscape. His talent as a beatmaker shines through in this solo endeavor, demonstrating his growth as a complete artist.

The release of “New Maserati” is a testament to Agatchu’s dedication to his craft and his commitment to delivering exceptional music. As a rising star in the Afrobeat scene, Agatchu is poised to make a significant impact with his unique sound and artistic vision.

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