Akanimo Drops Electrifying Rap Track “Relaxation Electric”

Relaxation Electric
Relaxation Electric

Akanimo, the dynamic rapper and vocalist from Charlotte, North Carolina, is making a significant impact with his latest release, “Relaxation Electric.” Refusing to be confined to a single genre, Akanimo seamlessly blends hip hop, R&B, Acoustic, and EDM, captivating audiences with his diverse and inclusive sound.

The journey for Akanimo gained momentum with his debut mixtape, “Akanimo,” launched in July 2020, earning widespread acclaim for its versatility and broad appeal across different demographics. Following this success, his first EP, “Where There’s Smoke,” released in December 2020, featured the track “I’ll Give You That,” securing a spot on Vocalo’s Poised To Breakthrough Playlist.

Continuing his prolific output, Akanimo dropped his second mixtape, “Good Luck,” in July 2021, showcasing his distinctive style. His second EP, “DISTORTION,” includes standout tracks like “Relaxation Electric” and “Feelings Change,” contributing to Akanimo’s growing success.

With witty and sharp lyrics, hypnotic melodies, and an eccentric flow, Akanimo is poised for breakout success. His ability to offer “something for everybody” sets him apart in the industry, making him an artist to watch closely as he continues to make his mark.