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Akuvi Releases Emotionally Charged New Single “No Words”


Norwegian-Ghanaian artist Akuvi has recently unveiled her highly anticipated new single, “No Words.” Teaming up with renowned afro producer Soulbase, Akuvi delivers a rhythmic afro fusion track that seamlessly blends with vulnerable neo soul elements. Following the success of her EP, which garnered recognition on various Ghanaian and Norwegian radio channels, “No Words” is a melancholic and introspective Afro R&B track that explores the slow death of a relationship marked by silence rather than confrontation.

Akuvi’s unique musical style combines elements of neo-soul, Afro fusion, and hip-hop, resulting in a captivating and soulful sound that sets her apart. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Burna Boy and Jhene Aiko, Akuvi’s music is explorative and innovative, pushing the boundaries of genre conventions. Her artistic journey has been about finding strength in vulnerability and redefining her identity as an artist and as a person of mixed heritage.

With “No Words,” Akuvi showcases her exceptional vocal abilities and heartfelt lyrics, painting a vivid picture of the complexities of love and the emotions that come with its demise. The track is a testament to her songwriting prowess and ability to evoke deep emotions through her music. Akuvi’s lyrics, transformed from diary pages into soulful music, create a melodic poetry that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

Hailing from Asker, Norway, Akuvi comes from a music family where artistic expression through song, dance, and art has always been a natural part of life. Her connection to her heritage and her passion for music shine through in her captivating performances and heartfelt compositions. Akuvi’s musical journey has been marked by her commitment to exploring new sonic territories while staying true to her authentic self.

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