Allan Harvey’s Latest EP “IN THE CITY” Takes a Bold Dive Into Personal Struggles and Sociopolitical Commentary

Allan Harvey
Allan Harvey

Recording artist and songwriter Allan Harvey unveils his latest musical offering, the EP titled “IN THE CITY,” featuring the collaboration of rap/hip-hop artist A-Clipse. This compelling release delves into Allan Harvey’s personal journey, highlighting his mental, physical, and emotional struggles in the city of Accra, where he grew up and continues to reside.

The first track, “Crooked Faith,” serves as a powerful reflection of Allan Harvey’s mental struggles. Through his immaculate vibes and heartfelt lyrics, he candidly expresses where he currently stands as a person and an artist. He shares his vision, goals, and the progress he has made, while also acknowledging the flaws and challenges he has encountered along the way.

Allan Harvey - In The City
Allan Harvey – In The City

In the second track, “The City,” featuring A-Clipse, Allan Harvey and A-Clipse tackle the current hardships faced by themselves and the youth growing up in Accra. The song also delivers pointed criticism towards the ruling government and its officials, including law enforcement, for their role in the nation’s decline. It confronts the selfish desires that have hindered the progress of the country they claim to serve.

“Allan Harvey describes ‘IN THE CITY’ as his first session with the therapist (MUSIC) and most importantly, not his last session with the therapist,” offering a glimpse into the deeply personal nature of this EP.

Allan Harvey - In The City Credits
Allan Harvey – In The City Credits

The EP includes the track “Crooked Faith,” an alternative genre composition produced by MetalBeatz and written by Allan Harvey, Shaquil Kwesi Pennaneach, and Metogho Zue David. The second track, “The City,” falls under the hip-hop/rap genre, produced by The Baykerz and written by Allan Harvey, Shaquil Kwesi Pennaneach, Kyauta Mataimaki Pengel, and Give-us Nunana Abotsi.

Listen to ‘IN THE CITY’ here

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