Amaarae Secures Global Publishing Deal with Concord Music Publishing and Immensum Music

Amaarae for Teen Vogue Photo by CHINAZAM OJUKWU
Amaarae for Teen Vogue Photo by CHINAZAM OJUKWU

Ghana’s star, singer, and songwriter Amaarae has signed a monumental global publishing agreement with Concord Music Publishing, in collaboration with Immensum Music. This groundbreaking deal encompasses Amaarae’s entire discography, including her recently released album, “Fountain Baby,” and any upcoming projects.

Amaarae, beaming with excitement, expressed her thoughts on this milestone, stating, “I feel very much at home among Concord’s roster of stellar artists.” Her admiration for the remarkable musical journey she’s embarked on is evident, making this partnership even more profound.

Jeremy Yohai, Senior Vice President of A&R at Concord Music Publishing, couldn’t be more thrilled to have Amaarae join their ranks. He emphasized her distinctive approach to songwriting, hailing her as one of the most promising new voices in the realm of pop music.

Koch Okoye, the founder of Immensum Music, enthusiastically labeled this partnership as a significant achievement. He had closely followed Amaarae’s career, recognizing her talent and creativity, which he believes will continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

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