Amapiano Takes Center Stage with Poundo’s Track ‘Wautin B’nautz’


After releasing her first single titled ‘Home,’ France-based musician Poundo unveils her upcoming EP with her new track ‘WAUTIN B’NAUTZ.’

The single ‘WAUTIN B’NAUTZ’ offers us a fusion between the captivating rhythms of Amapiano, a popular musical genre from South Africa, and the Mandjak culture of Senegal and Guinea-Bissau. The traditional whistles from her cultural heritage serve as a backdrop to impactful lyrics that highlight how education can open doors and transform lives. ‘WAUTIN B’NAUTZ’ is more than just a song; it’s a call to celebrate the power of learning to shape a better future.

Poundo Wautin B'nautz
Wautin B’nautz cover

Filmed in a primary school in Dakar, the music video for ‘WAUTIN B’NAUTZ’ brings to life the key themes of the song: education, intercultural knowledge, and personal growth. The title of the single, inspired by a common Mandjak educational expression, literally means ‘Stop playing’ and adds a subtle touch of humor to the overall message, while the dance moves are a lively celebration of collective growth.

The single ‘WAUTIN B’NAUTZ’ is the second release from the EP ‘HOME,’ which will be released this autumn. Recorded between Senegal and France, this EP was created in collaboration with renowned beatmakers PassaBeatz and JeussHitmaker. This new project represents a remarkable evolution of Poundo’s identity as an artist. More urban and musically refined, ‘HOME’ is the result of a true artistic synergy among its three creators.”

Watch the video below

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