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Amerado Writes a Red Letter to Medikal

Ghanaian rapper, Amerado has replied Medikal’s diss song, “Warning” with this new record titled “A Red Letter To Medikal”

Many fans were left wondering what the content of the “red letter” could be, and it turns out it was a reference to a song Amerado was planning to release in response to Medikal.

In the song, Amerado rapped about Medikal’s work input over the past years, claiming that he should stay focused. He also referenced Medikal’s recent controversies, including his diss to fellow rappers. Amerado didn’t hold back in his criticism, and his lyrics were biting and direct.

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It’s unclear whether or not the feud between Amerado and Medikal will continue, but one thing is for sure: Amerado is not backing down. He has proven that he is willing to stand up for himself and redeem his position as Ghana’s best rapper.