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Amos K Begins 2024 With New Two-Pack Single “Trap Till We Ghost” and “Voices”

Amos K
Amos K

Fast-rising Ghanaian artiste, Amos K has officially released two songs to kick-start the year. The two-pack project comprises the songs; “Trap Till We Ghost” and “Voices,” both of which focus on the themes of perseverance, inner strength, and overcoming life’s many hurdles.

Amos K chants “the trap life is what I know now,” as the first words on “Trap Till We Ghost,” and that embodies the spirit of the entire song. He boldly raps on the self-produced melodic rap song about resilience and pushing forward against all odds.

Trap Till We Ghost + Voices

With direct punch lines and bars filled with street slang heavily delivered in pidgin, the song easily resonates with the rapper’s youthful audience. Amos K raps about staying true to oneself, grinding, and pushing forward no matter what.

On the other hand, “Voices” takes a deep dive into the internal struggles and conflicts that many individuals face. Delivering thought-provoking lyrics on Amapiano drums is rare and Amos K might have hacked a sound that provokes self-reflection while on the dance floor. “Voices,” navigates the complexities of silencing internal voices and proving external and internal forces wrong. It’s a raw and emotional track that invites listeners to confront their own inner demons while championing the strength of the human spirit.

“Most of the emotions in the songs are just me, how I feel and the same message I have been preaching with my songs,” he told Amplify Ghana.

Amos K also disclosed that “the project is to motivate people, particularly on “Voices,” where the message is to prove both external forces and our internal voices wrong.”

Known for producing Drill songs that shy away from the crushing theme of the genre, Amos K has yet again established himself as the voice of reason in an unconventional way with this two-pack project.

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