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Amos K’s New Single Is a Journey “Overseas”

Amos K

Versatile Ghanaian rapper and producer, Amos K returns to the spotlight with his latest single, “Overseas” – a hip-hop song laced with an inspirational theme and filled with the rapper’s struggles and aspirations.

The song co-produced by the rapper himself and k.Blac, opens with a reassuring line about not doubting oneself. And with a mid-tempo flow, Amos K craftily weaves out the song’s captivating message on three heartfelt verses. Through these vivid verses, he illuminates the difficulties and personal growth that result from stepping outside of one’s comfort zone. He raps, “It’s my fault, it’s my cross to carry; it’s my fault and my cross, I’ll carry it,” in a bid to inspire listeners to accept change and own up to their decisions in life.

“I’m not the type of person that blames others for anything that happens in life, even if it’s their fault,” he said.

The rapper is taking sole responsibility for his actions on the journey to get his music “Overseas”, and added that: ” You are responsible for your own life and decisions.”

This song might just be his ticket overseas. Jbyss mixed and mastered the track.

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