AnDon Timer Releases New Afrobeats Song “Surely”

Andon Timer Surely
Surely cover art

Nigerian-based musician Anderson Onyemaobi Anyanwu, known as AnDon Timer, has recently released a captivating new music titled “Surely.” AnDon Timer is a talented singer/songwriter who is making waves in the Nigerian music scene and is poised to become one of the biggest performing artists in Nigerian music history worldwide.

The track garnered significant attention and generated over 30,000 streams in less than 10 days. This early success is a testament to AnDon Timer’s talent and the impact he is making with his music.

Born on November 25, 1991, to the late Mr. and Mrs. Vitalis Anyanwu, AnDon Timer is dedicated to providing his fans with the right vibes and keeping them engaged. He has been working tirelessly to further his musical career and deliver music that resonates with his audience.

AnDon Timer’s music is characterized by his unique style and undeniable passion. His dedication to his craft is evident in his releases, and he continues to impress listeners with his talent and energy.

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