Annie Tracy Takes a Leap into Romance with New Single “Close to You” featuring Robin Thicke

Annie Tracy Close to You
Annie Tracy

Independent singer and songwriter Annie Tracy is captivating the world with her enchanting new single, “Close to You,” featuring the acclaimed artist Robin Thicke. The release invites audiences into a jazz-infused world of melody and emotion, where Annie Tracy shares a poignant tale of navigating a doomed romance, creating an atmosphere of intimacy and empathy that resonates with listeners.

“Close to You” serves as a prelude to Annie Tracy’s highly anticipated second EP, “ACT II,” set to make its debut towards the end of the year. With this single, Annie Tracy showcases a romantic facet of her music, taking her listeners on a journey through her past relationships and experiences.

Hailing from North Carolina, Annie Tracy brings her musical theatre background into her distinct sound, blending R&B, Soul, and Pop with heartfelt storytelling. As an artist, she is deeply involved in her music’s creative process, from writing to production, ensuring that her unique voice and vision shine through.

Annie Tracy
Annie Tracy

“Close to You” introduces a classic R&B anthem co-written and produced by music wunderkind Mike Sabath (known for his work with artists like Lizzo, Raye, and Meghan Trainor). The song not only highlights Annie Tracy’s soulful vocals but also features the legendary Robin Thicke, making this a collaboration worth remembering.

This release follows Annie Tracy’s debut single, “Times It By Two,” produced by the iconic D’Mile and penned by Annie herself. She has been guided and mentored by the renowned producer Tricky Stewart, a Grammy winner who recently received accolades for his work with Beyonce on “Break My Soul.”

While pursuing her music career, Annie Tracy remains dedicated to her fans, building a strong relationship with her day-one supporters. She offers handmade gifts, exclusive merchandise, and even provides access to a secret page on her website where she shares unreleased content.

“Close to You” captures the essence of timeless romance while resonating with Annie Tracy’s unique style. The collaboration with Robin Thicke adds a layer of classic R&B to her evolving musical journey. Listen on all platforms here

About Annie Tracy

Annie Tracy is an independent singer and songwriter from North Carolina who, after much anticipation, is finally introducing her sound to the world this year. Staying true to her musical theatre background, she is releasing a series of standout singles and mini projects (ACT I, ACT II & ACT UP) that each depict a different side of her. Tracy writes all of her music while having a heavy hand in the production as well. Her sound is genre-splitting between R&B, Soul and Pop; and her music will break your heart, yet empower you all within the same record. After years of writing and developing her sound alongside her mentor and hit music producer, Tricky Stewart (Winner at this year’s 2023 Grammys for Beyonce’s “Break My Soul”), Annie Tracy finally released her highly anticipated first single “Times It By Two”, produced by the legendary D’Mile (Silk Sonic, H.E.R, Chris Brown) and written by Annie herself. She is following the release of ACT I and introducing ACT II with “Close To You”, in collaboration with Robin Thicke a classic R&B anthem, co-written and produced by music wunderkind, Mike Sabath (Lizzo, Raye, Meghan Trainor). Through all three projects, Annie is keeping her fans front and centre and is determined to nurture an engaging relationship with her day-one supporters through handmade gifts, exclusive merch and a secret page on her website where she shares unreleased content.

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