Arepo Band Announces European tour This Christmas

Arepo Band
Arepo Band

The acclaimed international musical band “Arepo Band,” known for their spectacular performance, which has made them relevant in the public domain as well as been admired by many music lovers across the world, is set to embark on a thrilling European tour coming in the most exciting month in December, 2023.

The talented group of fifteen , who were able to leverage their unique talents by building a strong repertoire and sustaining a great reputation for the band, has left many in awe, with their uniquness and dynamic stage presence making them exceptional through showcasing authenticity in promoting African rhythms by transitioning from Highlife to Afrobeat and Afro-fusion aimed at celebrating the true traditional and contemporary sounds as music is dynamic.

Arepo Band logo
Arepo Band logo

As the band prepares to make history, the Arepo Band promises to deliver an impressive and exhilarating performance and make their experience colourful. The band is sets to light the for a fantastic audience experience

Check out the tour date below:

Arepo Band European Tour
Arepo Band European Tour

17. 12.23 Concert – Amesterdam / Paradiso
19.12.23 Konzert F-Paris / New Morning
21.12.23 Konzert F-La Clusaz / Radio Meuh
23.12.23 Concert D-Bonn / Pantheon
25.12.23 Concert No-Oslo / Cosmopolite
27. 12.23 Concert Swe-Stockholm / Carnival
28.12.23 Exist from Schengen

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