Arlo Maverick Drops UK Drill-Inspired Track “Retail Therapy” Featuring Mahk Milliano

Edmonton-based Hip-Hop artist Arlo Maverick has unleashed his latest single, “Retail Therapy,” featuring Mahk Milliano. This UK drill-inspired track serves as a sonic narrative to the remorse often associated with Black Friday.

Arlo Maverick, a three-time EMA Award winner, distinguishes himself with music that not only moves listeners physically but also resonates emotionally. His unique blend of genres, incorporating elements of Soul and EDM into hip-hop, sets his sound apart. Arlo’s music delves into relatable and timely themes, addressing issues such as dating with trust problems, coping with suicide, and navigating undervaluation in the 9 to 5 grind.

With a slogan proclaiming “Music that’s well rounded like Beyonce’s hips,” Arlo Maverick’s approach to storytelling through music is both witty and profound. His tracks tell compelling stories, mirroring the depth of his lyricism. Beyond musical borders, Arlo has received airplay in various countries, including the US and Japan, and has been featured in notable publications like Vice and Noisey. His chart-topping success on national campus radio charts, including CMJ and Earshot, further solidifies his impact.

Stepping away from the traditional MC and DJ setup, Arlo incorporates a live band, Rich Echo, into his performances, creating a symbiotic exchange with his audience. Arlo’s dynamic live shows have opened doors for him to headline festivals, open for hip-hop icons, and travel overseas to countries like the UK and South Korea.

As Arlo Maverick continues to carve his path in the hip-hop landscape, “Retail Therapy” adds another chapter to his evolving musical narrative. Currently working on a full-length album following his 2021 EP, “Soul Merchant,” Arlo Maverick remains a compelling force in the Canadian music scene.

Osafo Daniel
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