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Arlo Maverick Unveils New Single “I Don’t Trust You”

Arlo Maverick
Arlo Maverick

Arlo Maverick, a 2023 WCMA Nominee, has released his latest single, “I Don’t Trust You,” showcasing his prowess as a versatile hip-hop artist. The song is a testament to Arlo’s ability to blend various genres, including Afro Beats, Gospel, Soul, and EDM, while keeping hip-hop at its core. With a unique approach to storytelling, Arlo’s music touches on a range of relatable themes, from dating with trust issues to generational wealth and healing after the loss of a loved one.

Arlo Maverick’s musical journey is marked by wit, wordplay, and a fusion of diverse musical elements. His work has garnered attention globally, with airplay in multiple countries, including the US and Japan. He has been featured in various publications such as Noisey and Exclaim! and has charted on national campus radio charts like CMJ and Earshot.

I Don’t Trust You
I don’t trust you

One distinctive aspect of Arlo’s approach to hip-hop is his incorporation of a live band into his performances, departing from the traditional MC and DJ setup. This unique blend has allowed him to headline festivals like North Country Fair and Sasquatch Gathering, open for hip-hop icons such as Classified and Shad, and even travel overseas to the UK and South Korea.

“I Don’t Trust You” is a precursor to Arlo Maverick’s upcoming album, Blue Collar, set to be released soon. The album promises to be a social commentary addressing the challenges faced by the working class. As Arlo continues to push the boundaries of hip-hop conventions, his music remains a dynamic and engaging force in the Canadian music scene.