Askala Selassie Drops New Reggae Single “Survivor”

Renowned Jamaican UK-based reggae artist Askala Selassie is back with a new hit single titled “Survivor.” This reggae sensation is known for her captivating voice and her deep connection to the genre, making her a fan favorite for reggae enthusiasts worldwide.

Askala Selassie is no stranger to the reggae scene, having begun her career as the youngest backing singer for The Wailers Band. Her journey alongside this legendary group provided her with invaluable experience and the confidence to launch her solo career as a singer-songwriter.

Throughout her career, Askala has toured extensively across Europe, America, Jamaica, and recently completed her first tour in Cape Town, South Africa. She has opened for some of the biggest names in reggae and has graced the stages of Dub culture’s most prominent sound systems.

Askala’s musical journey includes the release of her EP “Put JAH First” in 2011 and her debut album “Warrior Empress” in 2016. The latter album was even submitted for Grammy nomination consideration, a testament to her musical prowess.

One of Askala’s music videos, “Warrior Empress,” secured the top spot on Jamaica’s National TV station CVM for four consecutive weeks, as voted by the Jamaican public. Her influence and reach within the reggae community are undeniable.

With the release of her latest track “Survivor,” produced by Joe Ariwa from Mad Professor’s legendary Ariwa label, Askala Selassie continues to captivate audiences with her powerful messages and soulful melodies. She has also ventured into the dancehall genre with the release of “GOD,” marking her versatility as an artist.

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