Austin, TX Rock Band KNETX Drops New Single – “SOMETHING/NOTHING”


On the heels of their first Midwestern tour headlining Willy Town Fest in Ohio, KNETX releases their new single and video, “SOMETHING/NOTHING.”

The song tells the story of a two-faced lover. She’s left, but it’s not the first time. She’ll return, but when? Written by Mike Kiddoo, singer and primary songwriter for KNETX, along with producer, Justin Mauriello, who helped shape the arrangement, “SOMETHING/NOTHING” evokes raw feelings with driving guitar riffs you won’t soon forget.


“The powerful and almost relentless voice…seems to yank you out of your familiar surroundings, ready
to start a new life and completely change everything,” – SoundVille “SOMETHING/NOTHING is a song about a two-faced ex-lover, and you can really feel the pain felt within the track. The vocals are really strong, rising up to meet the emotional punches on the anthemic chorus, which is also catchy as all hell. The main chord sequence is to die for, showing that KNETX have really crafted something of wonder, producing a gorgeous array of guitar riffs that really hit you where it hurts. I predict big things for KNETX,” – UK Blog, York Calling.

Bio | Comprised of five friends from the Austin underground rock scene – Jesse Lee (lead guitar), Chris Brockett (bass), Tom Jackson (drums), Clay Lowe (keys/synth) and Mike Kiddoo at the helm (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) – the group awakens the spirit of 90s alternative with their own modern skew. Since their debut performance in February 2022, the group has been making noise around central Texas, touring the midwest, and dropping smoking hot singles and videos, teasing their next-to-be-released debut EP.

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