Australian Rising Star NARCO Debuts with Dreamlike Single “MEMO”


Australian-based musician NARCO is making his grand entrance into the global music scene with the release of his debut single, “MEMO.” This captivating song delves into the complexities of modern love in the digital age, offering a heartfelt exploration of emotions, desires, and the intricate dynamics of contemporary romance.

“MEMO” is a genre-defying fusion of hip-hop and pop, featuring a dreamlike soundscape, a laid-back groove, and ethereal melodies that transcend musical categories. NARCO’s exceptional vocal talent and masterful production are immediately apparent in this debut piece. Despite being a newcomer, he has garnered attention within the industry thanks to his unique perspective and remarkable skills.

Memo cover art

The debut single, “MEMO,” is a testament to NARCO’s exceptional talent and offers a glimpse into his promising future as an artist. This song has the potential to captivate listeners with its beauty and vulnerability, providing a poignant exploration of modern love.

“MEMO” was produced by Christopher Dakin at The Tapestry of Sound, and it will be available worldwide starting October 13th, 2023. Don’t miss the chance to embark on NARCO’s remarkable musical journey and experience the profound and heartfelt portrayal of modern love through “MEMO.”

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