AYO ^ Unleashes Melodic Afrobeat Jam “Deep In Your Love”

Deep In Your Love
Deep In Your Love

AYO ^, the talented singer-songwriter and producer, unveils the first track, “Deep In Your Love,” from his upcoming EP titled “Cold Blooded.” This melodic afrobeat jam showcases AYO ^’s dynamic versatility and sets the tone for what promises to be a captivating musical journey.

Originally hailing from Washington DC and currently based in Maryland, AYO ^ brings a unique blend of cultural influences to his music. Born to Nigerian parents, he grew up immersed in a diverse range of genres, including afrobeats, soul, R&B, and hip-hop. This rich musical upbringing fueled his passion for music creation, leading to the release of his debut single, “No More,” at the age of 21.

Before stepping into the spotlight as a solo artist, AYO ^ honed his skills as a self-taught producer, collaborating with local artists and establishing himself in the music scene. His transition to the forefront of the industry has been marked by a series of hits, including the fan-favorite “Freaky Gyal” featuring 9ueve in 2020, boasting nearly half a million streams on Spotify. The release of “Star” in 2019 further solidified AYO ^’s position as an artist to watch.

“Deep In Your Love” is a testament to AYO ^’s ability to craft engaging and soulful melodies within the afrobeat genre. The track serves as a sneak peek into the forthcoming EP “Cold Blooded,” promising listeners an immersive and diverse musical experience. AYO ^ attributes his distinctive sound and songwriting to his multi-cultural upbringing, and he aims to continue delivering this unique touch for years to come.

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