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BABZ Drops Captivating New Single “Want You”

Babz Want You

Afrobeat artist BABZ has recently released his latest single titled “Want You,” a mesmerizing afrobeats track that showcases his unique style and captivating sound. With heartfelt lyrics and infectious rhythms, BABZ delivers a song that captures the essence of love and longing.

“Want You” begins with the heartfelt lyrics, “All my life I’ve been searching for someone, Somebody like you that I can be my companion, Through tough times, I’ll be your sanctuary, So don’t you worry.” The song continues with BABZ expressing his deep connection and dependence on the person he desires, painting a vivid picture of their love and the impact they have on his life.

The chorus of “Want You” emphasizes the artist’s yearning for his love interest, with lyrics such as “There’s not many things I dey need in my life, Everyday that goes by, I dey want you.” BABZ’s smooth vocals and the infectious afrobeats rhythm create a mesmerizing blend that keeps listeners captivated throughout the song.

Born in Lagos and gaining recognition in South East Asia, BABZ has showcased his talent for melodic hip hop and R&B dance rhythms. His first song, “Move It,” reached number one on the top 10 New Bees Charts in Malaysia for four weeks and remained on the charts for over 12 weeks that year.

Now based in the UK, BABZ is reinventing himself and incorporating his original Afro style influences into his music. With his post-pandemic single, “Brand New,” accumulating over 3.9 million views on YouTube, BABZ is making waves in the music scene and captivating audiences worldwide.

As a rising artist, BABZ is revolutionizing the afro-fusion sound and establishing himself as a gem of this new generation. With his unique blend of infectious rhythms and heartfelt lyrics, he is poised to make a significant impact on the Afrobeat genre and beyond.

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