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Bakhita returns with her debut self-produced single “DECAY-ATTACK-RELEASE”


“DECAY-ATTACK-RELEASE” is Bakhita’s rebuttal to a challenging Kenyan music industry that has long been combated with its lack of acceptance, inclusivity, and representation.

Bakhita, a non-binary stalwart and queer icon based in Nairobi has been in the music fray for a healthy amount of time, and is back in full throttle following their lengthy spell away with the hypnotic and bop-heavy “DECAY-ATTACK-RELEASE”.

“Through the early course of my career I experienced a-lot of backlash and missed opportunities because of challenging various biases in the industry and society by aligning all my work with marginalized communities as well as my core values: expression, self-love, and healing, which consequently pushed me to take a 2 year Hiatus from releasing music”


Their last body of work is 2021’s Purge EP which features genre-agnostic records such as Anxiety’s B*tch, Ukunda, Taking Up Space and more. The EP’s chunk of production was by producer LEMI.

Springing back into music contention, Bakhita also explains their long hiatus from the music unfolding was not only due to the incessant discrimination the industry hurled at marginalized and queer artivists like themselves but more so to have more creative control over their sonic craft in hopes of engaging their audience from a deeper creative well. They took the steps to spread their creative net by doing a Production course end of 2023 and will now henceforth be solely showcasing sounds that they have a hand in producing.

“This track is about my recalibration and rejuvenation as a musician, the acceptance and rebirth that comes after death. It is an extension of my growth and a reflection of the endless process of raw creation that is yet to come. My new era will solely showcase music that I have had a part producing as well” – Bakhita

In between the releases, award-winning artist Bakhita has been present in the spacial design practice, visual arts, set and stage design, and championing women and queer rights through performance art and more. However, “D-A-R” is an expansive cut that reflects Bakhita’s experimental and genre non-conformity as they take on a brooding progressive Club and Bass Ambient track for this release. Featuring dramatic piano chords, emotive synths, the track is a three-part record with co-produced instrumentation by Justin Pflughaupt and mix & master wizardry by Kiminia, that forwardly shifts and keeps adding while removing parts to create an adventurous listen.

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