Beta Squad Engages in Lively Mukbang Conversation, Discussing Sidemen Charity Match and More

Niko, Chunkz, Aj, Kenny, and Sharky of Beta Squad unite to deliver an engaging and relaxed video for their fans.

Known for their daring challenges, Beta Squad takes a different approach in this new video, indulging in a mukbang session where they enjoy food and engage in lively conversation.

The video kicks off with the squad reflecting on their recent trip to Australia, sharing anecdotes about their favorite Aussie cities, the lengthy flight, and their memorable viral meet and greet experience. As the video unfolds, the members delve into various topics, including Kenny’s victorious Kingpyn boxing match, the eagerly anticipated Sidemen charity match, their future plans, and much more. The squad also takes time to answer questions from their dedicated fan base.

By offering this relaxed and interactive format, Beta Squad allows their fans to get to know them on a deeper level while discussing a wide range of subjects that keep their audience engaged and entertained.

Experience the fun and insightful mukbang conversation by watching the video above, as Beta Squad brings their distinct camaraderie and vibrant personalities to the forefront, providing a delightful treat for their fans.