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Big Vybe Releases Captivating Track “Do Me Dirty”

Big Vybe
Big Vybe

St. Lucia based Dancehall artist Big Vybe has recently released his latest tune titled “Do Me Dirty.” This unique track tells a captivating story that explores the pursuit of affection, blending elements of romance, lust, and humor. With its infectious melody, “Do Me Dirty” creates an endless loop that resonates in the listener’s subconscious memory.

“Do Me Dirty” paints a vivid picture of love and the complexities of relationships. Big Vybe’s lyrics capture the various facets of a romantic connection, creating a relatable and engaging narrative. The track’s melodic loop adds to its catchiness, ensuring that it stays with listeners long after the song ends.

Big Vybe Do Me Dirty
Big vybe do me dirty artwork

Born and raised on the beautiful island of St. Lucia, Josiah William, known as Big Vybe, has been involved in music from a young age. He officially launched his career as an international artist in 2012 and has since made a name for himself with his unique sound. Big Vybe’s music blends Modern Dancehall with elements of Soca, Afrobeats, and R&B, creating a distinct and captivating style.

In 2020, Big Vybe released his debut EP titled “LANES,” which showcased his versatility and talent as an artist. He has collaborated with various artists and producers from the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa, including Nessa Preppy, Precision Productions, Smiddysmith, DancehallRulerz, Diddi Emah, Ayzed, GreyC, and more. Through his music, Big Vybe aims to be an ambassador for his homeland of St. Lucia and the Caribbean diaspora, while inspiring the next generation in a positive manner.

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