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Biggbone Drops Pacey Dancehall Record ‘Fast and Furious’


Next-rated Dancehall Sensation, Biggbone has officially released his latest song dubbed “Fast and Furious.”

The Dancehall record is a warning shot to the whole world of the impending badness, energy and sui generis style that Biggbone possesses. Known for energetic stage performances, Biggbone replicates the same vitality with unparalleled ragga vibes throughout the song. On “Fast and Furious,” Biggbone’s delivery is thunderous, inflamed and symbolic of the genre’s jagged soundscape.

In a true Dancehall spirit, Biggbone drifts freely on the fast tempo track with brazen lyrical content.  The song’s pulse coupled with the recurring unifying idea of pushing against all odds to announce one’s greatness is infectious.

Biggbone Fast And Furious
Biggbone Fast And Furious Artwork

The latter, according to Biggbone, was the fuel for the entire record. “This new single is me telling all those who believed in my talent or otherwise, that I am coming with full force musically,” he told Amplify Ghana pre-release.

He also assured his fans of more singles with a possible EP and album all within this year. Biggbone is on course to awaken the pre-COVID hard-core Dancehall era in Ghana with this new song and subsequent projects.

There is more to expect from the camp of Biggbone under his current record label and management team: Goldgang Music, Purebadnez Music, and Yardie Recording Academy.

“Fast and Furious” was produced, mixed, and mastered by the talented Jay Scratch. It’s a fast-moving train, hop on “Fast and Furious” by streaming the song here.

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