Binou Takes Audiences on a Sonic Journey with Latest Single “Fly To The Moon”

Up-and-coming artist Binou is set to captivate music enthusiasts with his latest single, “Fly To The Moon,” a tantalizing teaser from his upcoming project, “Awake In The Night,” slated for an early 2024 release. Following the success of his solo single, “All Up In My Head,” Binou continues to establish his unique sound in the music industry.

“Fly To The Moon” is a testament to Binou’s versatile artistry, blending elements of alternative rock, rap, and ambient vibes. The track delivers a sonic experience that takes listeners on a journey through atmospheric landscapes, enhanced by heavy-hitting guitars and a fusion of genres that define Binou’s musical identity.

Stream “Fly To The Moon” here

Binou’s upcoming project, “Awake In The Night,” promises a collection of “good feeling music” that seamlessly integrates alternative rock, rap, and ambient influences. This project follows Binou’s collaboration album, “Mystery Ride,” with fellow artist TheKidMurff, featuring tracks like “Mystery Ride,” “Slime Slat,” “If Looks Could Heal,” and “Started With Nothin’.”

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