Black Sherif’s Kwaku The Traveller Hits 1 Million Views on YouTube in 1 Day

Black Sherif Kweku The traveller Video
Black Sherif Kweku The traveller BTS

Ghanaian rapper Black Sherif has achieved a new milestone with his monster hit Kwaku The Traveller on YouTube.

Black Sherif released the visuals of ‘Kwaku The Traveller’ on May 19, 2021, following the commercial success of the song. As at publication the video has been viewed 1,150,633 times on the video sharing app. Directed by David Nicol-Sey, there are shots of the song’s star, Black Sherif, putting on a vocal performance that syncs with the visuals.

Black Sherif Kwaku The traveller Video
by Black Sherif via instagram

‘Kwaku The Traveller’ since its release has garnered a lot of airplay and world wide recognition, from topping charts locally and internationally to being the most shazamed song in the world. This is arguably one of the breakout star’s most emotional songs yet. Black Sherif’s newest work, ‘Kwaku The Traveller’ is the story about a young man struggling to make a life for himself.

Watch Kwaku The Traveller Video on YouTube below

Kwaku The Traveller Depicts a Young Boy on this path, who eventually came to accept a lot of sacrifices and life-altering decisions seem to have been made. This is apparent in the opening lines of the song where the 20-year-old admits that he is not without blemishes and prone to mistakes.

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