Boy Nephron Unleashes Catchy New Single “Too Much Sauce” featuring Kelvyn Boy

Boy Nephron
Boy Nephron

Rising Ghanaian musician Boy Nephron, also known as Charles Cleland Bruce, is rapidly making a name for himself in the music industry with the release of his latest single, “Too Much Sauce,” featuring Afrobeats sensation Kelvyn Boy.

Boy Nephron’s journey into the music industry has been a remarkable one, rooted in his deep passion for music since childhood. From experimenting with makeshift instruments at a young age to honing his skills as a pianist and vocalist in church, music has been a constant presence in Nephron’s life.


The path to pursuing music professionally was not without its challenges. Nephron faced a pivotal decision between following his musical dreams or focusing on academics, a choice he initially made to prioritize education. As a result, he became a qualified nurse.

Despite this, the dream of a music career never faded. Nephron’s journey faced further challenges due to a significant accident and the passing of his mother. However, his enduring passion for music and commitment to his dreams allowed him to persevere.

Inspired by these life-changing events, Nephron shifted his songwriting focus from themes of ego to narratives of grace and the positive aspects of his journey.

“Too Much Sauce” showcases Boy Nephron’s versatility and growth as a musician, with the added star power of Kelvyn Boy. The track delivers an irresistibly catchy and upbeat melody that resonates with listeners.

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