Bree Runway Goes Independent: Parts Ways with EMI Records

Bree Runway Photo by Lucera Glow
Photo by Lucera Glow

Bree Runway, the British-Ghanaian artist born Brenda Wireko Mensah, has made a significant announcement regarding her music career. After parting ways with EMI Records, Runway has chosen to go independent, embracing a newfound sense of artistic freedom and focusing on creating music from a place of love and authenticity.

In a heartfelt note shared on Twitter, she expressed her gratitude for her fans’ patience and shared her reasons for pursuing this new path. Runway’s decision to become an independent artist stems from her belief that it is the best move for her career at this moment. In the note Bree Runway wrote,

“yes there have been cuts along the way but in no way am I here to bleed out to you all, but I do think it’s important I share with you why I’ve been so uncharacteristically silent recently. I’ve decided to part ways with my label EMI records, Universal. I’m now independent. I feel it’s the absolute best thing for my career right now. The system truly does have a way of wearing on you, especially as a young black woman you really are up against it, naturally or perhaps, unnaturally resources are capped for us or we have to fight a million times harder for them aswell as having to fight 10x harder for our spots, it’s like all I’ve known is fight, fight, fight. I’m tired and for once I’m honouring that. Right now I’m spending time being delicate and loving to myself, I’m choosing to give myself rest and I’m really enjoying the space I’m in.

I also don’t want to create music with the rat race mentality that artists in the system subconsciously develop, and I no longer want any desperate agendas attached to my music, I want to reel it in and take it all back to love of music. You can’t go wrong when your art is birthed this way , it’s only greatness that will follow especially when you’ve always been destined for it. I deserve the best of me and so do you guys, give me a lil second to put some life and colour back into my process of creating. I love you all, please just be patient with me.”

Bree Runway
Bree Runway

The artist recognizes the toll that the industry can take on an individual, leading her to prioritize her well-being and give herself the time and space for self-care. Runway shares her desire to break free from the pressures and expectations that can come with being part of a major label. She wants to return to the pure essence of creating music and ensure that her artistic process is driven by authenticity rather than a rat race mentality.

Having joined Virgin EMI Records in 2018, Bree Runway quickly made a mark with her major-label debut single, “2ON,” which garnered critical acclaim and earned a spot on Paper’s list of the Top 50 Songs of 2019. Her music has also been recognized beyond the music industry, as Toyota featured her track in an advertisement for their C-HR Leave Ordinary Behind campaign.

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