Buni’s New Music Video ‘Stamp & Stomp’ Adds a Unique Twist to South London Drill

South London drill artist Buni is back, and this time he’s switching things up with his latest single, “Stamp & Stomp,” along with an official music video.

Known for his brusque drill flows, Buni takes a different approach this time around. While maintaining his commanding bars, he raps over a chilling instrumental that deviates from the typical drill sound. Drawing inspiration from Jersey club music, the track provides a unique twist to his usual style, combining brisk beats with his unapologetic lyrical prowess. The accompanying music video perfectly complements the track’s gritty energy and even features cameo appearances from Russ Millions and Mr Wot.

Buni continues to push boundaries and surprise his audience with his evolving style. Watch the “Stamp & Stomp” video to experience this exciting shift in South London drill

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