Burna Boy and Henrie Discusses New Album On Kiss Fresh

Nigerian superstar and afrobeats sensation Burna Boy sat down with Henrie on Kiss Fresh for an insightful and candid conversation about his journey to achieving a number 1 album and the evolution of his mindset throughout his career.

The conversation delves into the making of Burna Boy’s number one album, “I Told Them…,” and the profound relief he felt when it finally reached the number one spot. Burna Boy shares his approach to overcoming challenges and how his perspective has transformed over the years.

Burna Boy and Henrie also discuss the concept of being a “City Boy” and dispel some myths surrounding his viral track, offering a deeper look into the music that has been taking the world by storm.

This conversation provides a unique opportunity to gain insights into Burna Boy’s career, his creative process, and the success of “I Told Them.” Also, watch Burna Boy’s conversation with Nadia Jae on 1Xtra here

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