Burna Boy Talks ‘I Told Them…’ and More in an Insightful Interview with Nadia Jae on 1Xtra

Nigerian music sensation Burna Boy, recently sat down with Nadia Jae on 1Xtra for an illuminating interview. In this conversation, Burna Boy delved deep into the creation of his latest album, “I Told Them…,” sharing insights about its production and discussing various aspects of his successful journey.

During the interview, Burna Boy talked about his favorite track from “I Told Them…,” giving listeners an intimate look into the personal significance of the song. He also touched upon the remarkable achievement of his album reaching number one in the UK charts, highlighting the international recognition and acclaim his work has garnered.

One of the most exciting topics of the interview was Burna Boy’s collaboration with the legendary Wu-Tang Clan. The Nigerian megastar offered a glimpse into the creative process that brought these iconic artists together. He recounted the unique experiences that shaped his album, shedding light on the inspirations and influences that led to this remarkable partnership.

This interview with Nadia Jae on 1Xtra provided a fascinating opportunity for fans and music enthusiasts to gain a deeper understanding of Burna Boy’s creative process, his artistic journey, and the incredible success of “I Told Them…”. Burna Boy’s open and insightful conversation highlighted his passion for his craft and his dedication to pushing musical boundaries.

For those who admire Burna Boy’s artistry and those interested in the stories behind the music, this interview is a must-listen. It’s a chance to connect with one of the world’s most influential music stars and discover the magic that fuels his exceptional work. Also, watch Burna Boy discuss his new album with Henry on Kiss Fresh here

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