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Canadian Ghanaian Supermodel Nini Amerlise Ventures Into Acting With Remnant Web Series

Nini Amerlise
Nini Amerlise

In a groundbreaking transition that spans continents and artistic realms, Nini Amerlise, the internationally renowned faith-based supermodel hailing from Ghanaian heritage, embarks on a captivating journey within the thought-provoking online series, “Remnant.” This alluring series, available exclusively on the dynamic YouTube platform, delves unreservedly into the depths of her character’s history, promising an emotional odyssey that will reverberate profoundly with audiences around the world.

The creative collaboration between 7 Mountains Films and the multi-talented Nini Amerlise heralds a transformative chapter in her artistic voyage as she embraces the role of an emerging actress. Episode 2, aptly titled “Not My Body,” delves into the sensitive topic of abortion, showcasing Nini’s remarkable range and undeniable talent. Set to make its much-anticipated debut on Sunday, August 13th, 2023, this pivotal episode is poised to be a defining moment within the series.

Nini Amerlise’s journey from the glamorous world of fashion to the heart of storytelling is a testament to her steadfast commitment and passion. Infused with the cultural richness of her faith-based heritage, “Remnant” takes on a profound depth, making it an essential viewing experience for those seeking content that not only stimulates the mind but also stirs the soul. Prepare to embark on a profound voyage through “Remnant,” available online, as Nini Amerlise fearlessly confronts the shadows of her past, leaving audiences moved, inspired, and eagerly awaiting each new episode of this captivating series.

“The Remnant (Those Who Will Not Bow)” – Unveiling Truths Amidst a Changing World
In an era marked by shifting values and redefined truths, “The Remnant” emerges as an unwavering beacon of resistance. In the midst of the cacophony of evolving ideologies, this faith-driven YouTube series stands resolute, offering an alternative narrative.

Guided by the visionary Imaobong Smart, founder of 7 Mountains Films, this audacious endeavour challenges the pervasive influx of anti-God ideologies propagated by the entertainment industry. “The Remnant” stands as a protective fortress against these influences, inviting viewers to question prevailing beliefs and embrace a perspective that resonates with divine truths. The series vows to uncover, ignite, inspire, and ultimately transform.

At its core, the mantra “JESUS REVEALED, JESUS GLORIFIED, JESUS RECEIVED” encapsulates the essence of “The Remnant,” a united collective dedicated to

unwavering faith. In a world where screens have become battlegrounds, “The Remnant” takes the battle to the digital frontier, embodying the indomitable spirit of those who resist the pressures of the worldly domain.

Osafo Daniel
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