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Cardi B Dances to Rema’s ‘Calm Down’ in Viral Video

Cardi B Dances To Rema'S 'Calm Down' In Viral Video

American rapper Cardi B stole the spotlight at a recent event as she couldn’t help but show her appreciation for Nigerian singer Rema’s viral hit song, ‘Calm Down.’ The Grammy Award-winning artist joined the growing list of celebrities and football stars who have fallen under the spell of the chart-topping track.

In a lively display of her love for the infectious song, Cardi B took to social media to share a video from a private party where she was spotted enthusiastically moving and grooving to the irresistible beats. As the DJ played ‘Calm Down’ at the undisclosed event, Cardi B couldn’t contain her excitement, and her infectious energy reverberated through the venue.

The exact details of the event remain undisclosed, leaving fans curious about the context surrounding Cardi B’s reaction to Rema’s hit. However, it’s worth noting that Cardi B and her husband, Offset, were recently spotted meeting the Nigerian singer during their visit to France, raising speculation that the encounter may have been connected to the event in question.

Watch the video below

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