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Cdrx Releases Shares New Afrobeats Single “Bebe”


Haitian artist Cdrx has recently unveiled his latest single, “Bebe,” a vibrant and infectious celebration of life, love, and joy. Born and raised in Haiti, Cdrx is on a mission to bring happiness and rhythm to the lives of his fans through his unique fusion of traditional Haitian sounds with afrobeats influence.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant rhythms of his homeland, Cdrx’s music is a reflection of the vibrant spirit of Haiti. “Bebe” showcases his talent for blending traditional Haitian sounds with contemporary influences, creating a captivating and energetic musical experience.

Before pursuing his musical career, Cdrx was known as a talented soccer player. However, a significant setback in the form of an ACL injury required him to undergo surgery, redirecting his path towards music. This unforeseen turn of events served as a catalyst for his musical aspirations, igniting a passion for spreading happiness and love through his art.

With an unwavering commitment to his craft and a tireless work ethic, Cdrx is poised to make a lasting impact on the music industry. His dedication to his music, combined with his vibrant Haitian heritage, sets him apart as an artist on a mission to bring joy and rhythm to the lives of his fans.

“Bebe” is a testament to Cdrx’s ability to infuse traditional Haitian sounds with contemporary elements, resulting in a unique and infectious musical experience. The song’s lively rhythms and heartfelt lyrics invite listeners to celebrate life and embrace the joy that music can bring.

As Cdrx continues to carve his path as a musician, his passion for spreading happiness and love remains at the forefront of his artistic endeavors. With each new release, he proudly represents the vibrant spirit of Haiti and aims to touch the hearts of listeners worldwide.

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