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Charles Onyeabor Drops New Amapiano Track “Low” (feat. Emeka Onyeabor)

Charles Onyeabor
Charles Onyeabor

Nigerian musician Charles Onyeabor unveils his latest Amapiano masterpiece, “Low,” featuring the melodious Emeka Onyeabor.

Born and raised in the Eastern part of Nigeria, Charles carries forward a rich musical legacy as the first son of the legendary Nigerian musician/singer, William Onyeabor.

“Low” is a track that defies boundaries and invites listeners to immerse themselves in its captivating rhythms and enchanting lyrics. The song begins with Charles’s evocative words, “She got me screaming holy father, tell God to bless this person,” setting the tone for a musical journey filled with passion and fire.

Charles Onyeabor Low Cover Art
Charles onyeabor low cover art

As the song progresses, Charles’s vocals reach their peak, and the energy on the dance floor soars. “When she steps on the dance floor, make her body go low low low,” he croons, igniting a frenzy of movement and excitement. The chorus, delivered with a blend of Nigerian language and universal appeal, adds depth and dimension to the track.

Charles Onyeabor’s music is a reflection of his unique upbringing, surrounded by the sounds of his father’s iconic songs from an early age. His deep-rooted passion for music led him to Italy, where he discovered a new culture and a home for his musical journey. The influence of his father’s sound is unmistakable in his music, serving as both an homage and a testament to the enduring power of music as a familial legacy.

In an industry that often seeks to categorize artists by genre, Charles Onyeabor defies conventions, emphasizing that “music is music.” He is committed to delivering his music in the way he feels it, whether it’s reggae, blues, RnB, or Afrobeat.

“Low” by Charles Onyeabor featuring Emeka Onyeabor is now available for streaming on all major music platforms. Listeners are invited to experience the mesmerizing Amapiano rhythms and captivating storytelling that characterize this track.

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