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Chicago Artists Howie Stackz and C. Rich Unveil Captivating Collaboration “Flowers”


Local Chicago, Illinois artists Howie Stackz and C. Rich have joined forces to deliver a mesmerizing new collaborative effort, “Flowers,” featuring a captivating blend of rap, singing, and melodic guitar-infused pop rap beats. Produced by L Sabio, the song showcases a unique fusion of R&B influences and heavy bass, offering a refreshing musical experience that captivates the senses.

“Howie Stackz, singer/sound engineer C. Rich, and producer L Sabio have come together to create ‘Flowers,’ a captivating track that sees the artists intertwining their talents over a guitar-based pop rap beat, with a distinct R&B influence,” shares Howie Stackz.

Howie Stackz takes the reins with his compelling vocals and lyrics, infusing the track with his signature style, while L Sabio’s masterful production weaves together rap, trap, and southern-inspired elements, creating a captivating sonic landscape. C. Rich’s contributions to the singing parts and additional vocals add depth and dimension to the track, elevating the collaborative effort to new heights.

The track, mixed by C. Rich, is a standout addition to the recently released album “Itchy Fingers,” which debuted on August 15th, 2023. Boasting a diverse range of influences and musical styles, “Itchy Fingers” offers a rich tapestry of sonic experiences and is now available on major digital streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.

Howie Stackz, known for his direct inspiration from the self-made, entrepreneurial lifestyle adopted by many American Blacks today, offers a unique perspective through his music. A dedicated family man, Howie Stackz courageously delves into modern-day stories of hard work, burnout, depression, substance abuse, and challenges the validity of American education, all while maintaining a lighthearted, optimistic insight in times of tribulation.

“Flowers” stands as a testament to the collective creativity and artistry of Howie Stackz, C. Rich, and L Sabio, offering a compelling glimpse into their musical journey and the vibrant Chicago music scene.

Experience the melodic allure of “Flowers” by Howie Stackz and C. Rich, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of their collaborative artistry.