Coolhandtrew Unleashes Innovative New Track “Smog” Featuring Fingerprince


US-based musician Coolhandtrew is making waves in the music industry once again with the release of his latest track, “Smog.” This dynamic song, featuring Fingerprince, is the third track from Coolhandtrew’s recently released project, “Bottomless Bellinis.” Produced by Fingerprince himself, “Smog” showcases Trew’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of music and delivering an innovative listening experience.

Bottomless Bellinis cover
Bottomless Bellinis cover

Smog” is a testament to Coolhandtrew’s creative prowess and his ability to collaborate with top talent in the industry. The song came to life when Coolhandtrew crossed paths with Fingerprince through the legendary producer Ski Beatz, known for his work with artists like Jay Z, Nas, Camp Lo, and Curren$y. Ski Beatz suggested that Trew and Fingerprince join forces to create a mixtape, and “Smog” is one of the remarkable results of their collaboration.

As an experienced musician, songwriter, and voiceover actor, Trew has consistently demonstrated a commitment to breaking down musical barriers and thinking outside the box. His approach to music is both innovative and refreshing, making him a sought-after talent in the industry. Trew is also the co-CEO of Coolhandtrew and Clocked Out, further solidifying his dedication to standing out in the music world.

Smog” is not just another track; it’s an embodiment of Trew’s unique style and commitment to pushing the limits of creativity. The song delivers an engaging sonic experience that defies genre conventions and captivates listeners with its distinctive sound.

About Coolhandtrew

Coolhandtrew ( better known as Trew), a Virginia native, has spent the last two decades dedicated to the entertainment industry, consistently delivering fresh and inventive ideas. His work has caught the attention of top marketing companies and leading record labels, who frequently seek his talents for music, voiceovers, and creative concepts for their projects. Trew’s music has been featured in numerous ads, movies, and TV shows, including “All American,” “4400,” “Under the Silver Lake (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack),” and NBA broadcasts, among others.

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