Da’ Hammer Announces Musical Comeback with ‘Upper Echelon’ Album in 2024

Da’ Hammer
Da’ Hammer

Renowned Ghanaian producer Da Hammer has officially announced his departure from his role as Managing Partner and Head of Sales/Marketing at A1 Bread to rekindle his passion for music production. The announcement, shared on his Facebook page, came with insights into his upcoming compilation album, ‘Upper Echelon,’ slated for an early 2024 release.

Da Hammer’s return to music promises a fusion of new and old school sounds, featuring a lineup of emerging talents and seasoned artists. Expressing gratitude to A1 Bread for accepting his resignation, Da Hammer assured fans that his decision won’t impact his role as an equity stakeholder in the company. He also confirmed that Ekumfi Juice, where he serves as a key distributor, will continue providing the best pineapple juice.

Da’ Hammer Announces Upper Echelon Album Via Facebook
Da’ hammer via facebook

The legendary producer, credited with shaping the sounds of top Ghanaian artists like Sarkodie, Kwawkese, and Edem, emphasized his unwavering commitment to the music industry. The ‘Upper Echelon’ album is highly anticipated, and fans are eager to witness the impact of Da Hammer’s return in 2024.

Da Hammer’s musical comeback signifies a momentous chapter in his illustrious career, and the forthcoming album is expected to showcase his expertise in crafting timeless and influential sounds. As he transitions back to his first love—music production—enthusiasts are ready to embrace the unique blend of talent and experience that Da Hammer brings to the Ghanaian music scene.

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