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Danjeyy Releases New Dancehall Single “What You Know Bout Guns”


Rising 18-year-old Dancehall musician Danjeyy has recently released his electrifying Dancehall single titled “What You Know Bout Guns.” With its infectious rhythm and powerful lyrics, this song showcases Danjeyy’s unique talent and passion for elevating Zongo to new heights. Through his music, he infuses unique vibes by incorporating Hausa language, creating a distinctive sound that sets him apart.

“What You Know Bout Guns” starts with captivating lyrics that showcase Danjeyy’s unapologetic and reckless attitude. As he confidently steps through, listeners are taken on a journey filled with energy and intensity. With each verse, Danjeyy displays his prowess as an artist, delivering thought-provoking lines that leave a lasting impact.

The chorus of the song, “What you know, guns know ’bout weed, what you know ’bout gangsta, why he lie, say he know ’bout them,” resonates with listeners, highlighting the authenticity and rawness of Danjeyy’s music. His ability to blend hard-hitting lyrics with infectious melodies creates a captivating and unforgettable musical experience.

As an artist, Danjeyy’s aim is to elevate Zongo through his music, bringing a fresh perspective to the industry. By incorporating the Hausa language, he adds a unique touch that adds depth and richness to his sound. With his distinctive style and undeniable talent, Danjeyy is set to make waves in the Dancehall scene.

With “What You Know Bout Guns” as his latest release, Danjeyy is showcasing his potential as a rising star. As he continues to create music that pushes boundaries and challenges norms, he aims to inspire listeners and make a lasting impact in the industry.