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Dayonthetrack Returns With New Single “Friends”


In the midst of an ever-growing pool of African artists in the now Global Afrobeat music industry, Dayonthetrack consistently makes his case as a dominant Afroheart/highlife star. His presence is felt on every project and his genius is relived whenever you decipher his lyrics and realize the exceptional blend with the harmony and vibe. His newest single “Friends” is a perfect example of the fortified weaponry in his inventory.

He starts off his ‘Friends’ song with a clear message of not wanting to fall in love, which perfectly capitulates the details of the song. This song talks about desiring pure friendship from your partner, not platonic though since you both might have feelings for each other but because you don’t want to ruin the blend and amazing friendship you have you want to remain friends and continue to enjoy spending time together whilst having sexual benefits.

Dayonthetrack Friends
Dayonthetrack friends

One of the most intriguing features of the song is its simplicity. The arrangement serves an aesthetic that is well crafted to send a heartbreaking message of rejection in a way that it is not received in a bad taste, allowing Dayonthetrack’s voice to cut deep into the heart and take centre stage. The perfect mix of the pidgin language enhances the impact of the lyrics, creating an intimate and engulfing listening experience.

In conclusion, ‘Friends’ has the potential of taking over the tiktok world and resonating with a massive amount of people. The song kicked off a campaign on the app even before its release and has shown some promising signs of going viral. The early release is a result of constant demand for the song.

Listen to “Friends” on all platforms here